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The ProArt Concept

The Department of the Arts (Kunstwissenschaften) with its five subject areas Art history, Art education, Musicology, Music education and Theatre studies is one of the largest institutions of its kind in Germany. Around 4.000 students, including just under 200 doctoral students majoring and minoring in the subjects of the Department of the Arts, are currently making use of the large variety of arts teaching and research on offer. The 16 professors from the five different disciplines represent a broad and diverse spectrum of theoretical standpoints and methodical approaches.

The guiding idea of the program is the insight that the arts are increasingly marked by a dissolution of boundaries and by mutual enrichment. These, to some extent controversial, developments do not only affect artistic practice, they also shape the academic investigation of art, music, theatre and film. The PhD program with its interdisciplinary orientation offers the doctoral students a diverse, research-oriented and systematically structured range of courses. The aim is to establish the Arts as key discipline(s) for the investigation of aesthetic, (inter)cultural and (inter)medial practices. In addition, it is necessary to lay the foundations for a new discipline: comparative art.

This public advertisement of the PhD program is aimed at postgraduates from the LMU and elsewhere who are particularly qualified and specifically trained for their topic. If possible, a third of these postgraduates should come from abroad. Their supervision combines the advantages of individual supervision with those of team supervision. Each applicant who is admitted to the program is assigned a personal mentor from the group of participating professors who is responsible for the supervision of the dissertation and who acts as a personal advisor to the doctoral student. Furthermore, in principle all the professors involved in the PhD program are available for the specialist supervision of the doctoral student.


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